Monday, October 25, 2010

Bryan and Ellie's Adoption- The Adoption Shirt!

I have thought about this moment for months... how can I help yet another couple to bring their sweet baby home? And how could I begin to tell you the story of this long time friendship? Well, here it goes!

When I met Ellie I knew that I loved her and that we would be friends forever! We have been great friends for years and we have shared so many fun times together.

Recently, when we moved back to the Louisville area I could not have been happier to know that part of this move would include a being close to Ellie again! We have shared birthdays, lunches, haircuts, and zoo trips. We have also shared parenting advice and tears and HELP as we both try to raise our kid's for God's glory. Ellie and Bryan love their girls to death so I was NOT shocked when she began to talk of adoption. They went to conferences and read books and we talked. What would this look like and what were their fears?

Well, a few weeks ago they received a referral for a sweet little one in a far off place. As a matter of fact they are there right now meeting him for the first time. I had the honor and privilege of helping Ellie pack for her trip to meet him. We shoved formula and lotion and diapers and onesies and all kids of baby things into suitcases on Thursday and then we sat on the floor and talked and cried and then packed more. We ate lunch and talked about the new addition to their family. So the next time I see her she be a mom with all three of her children! What an honor and a blessing!

Here is where you come in. Many of you know people who have adopted or are in the process (praise the Lord!) and we KNOW it is very expensive. So, Lolly's is going to do a fundraiser for Bryan and Ellie!! We are now selling appliqued shirts to benefit their adoption. 100% of all profits will got straight to them to bring their little one home.

The design on the shirt is a Camouflage heart. Bryan loves to hunt and we are sure baby boy will enjoy many hunting trips with him! And, we know they have loved him since the moment they saw him. So what better design could there be? We are selling a traditional brown, black and green camo heart on a brown, black or white shirt OR a pink camo heart on a pink, white or brown shirt.

Adult shirts are $28 each

Childrens shirts are $25 each

Womens shirt colors PINK, WHITE, BROWN Long sleeve

Mens and boys shirt colors BROWN, BLACK or WHITE Long Sleeve

Saturday, October 23, 2010

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Thank you for visiting Lolly's!! Please make sure you check out our Facebook Fan Page. Lots of sales and new items are listed. Watch for our Thanksgiving appliqued shirts!!! On their way to you now!!