Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cute Lolly's Girl!!

this is Isabel... okay, seriously, I can't pick a favorite Lolly's girl but this little one is close!! I think it is the sweet baby cute-ness! she is a DOLL!!! She is wearing a 6 months Lolly's pillowcase dress with matching bloomers. Oh my goodness! Love it! Thanks Heather!


Corey and Melody Cain said...

Oh My, Danielle...this makes me want one of your dresses AND a little girl to go in it! Don't think Corey would let me stick one of my boys in them, but I'm tempted! What a beautiful job you do!

Lolly's said...

thanks melody! i totally remember that feeling! david was 4 when sally was born and i totally yearned for hair bows and smocking! ahah! so glad that i am able to dress her up. maybe you can find a fun reason for a gift. :)

Lolly's said...
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